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New Parent Support Group Location Opening in Los Angeles!

We are very excited to announce our new Because I Love You Parent Support Group location at Evolve, 820 Moraga Drive, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles. Join us for the Grand Opening on Thursday, April 7th! Click the on Group Locations button for details.

Group Locations

Register Now for the B.I.L.Y. Annual Fundraiser!

B.I.L.Y.'s Stacy Wattles Memorial Poker Tournament is coming June 12, 2016. It's the fundraiser that supports Because I Love You all year long, and it is so much fun! A portion of the proceeds will again go to the Hannah Rose Foundation at The rest goes to supporting the B.I.L.Y. Communication Workshop and the Parent and Youth Support Groups. Registration for the Tournament is open; just follow the link below for more information and to register. We'll see you there!

B.I.L.Y. Fundraiser

B.I.L.Y. In The News

You'll find stories and interviews about Because I Love You, the international non-profit that's been helping families in crisis at no charge for 34 years. Caring volunteers work together with parents of youth, teens, and adult children. More than 700,000 parents and and at-risk youth across the U.S. and Canada have found help and hope at Because I Love You.


Dear Dennis

Are you in crisis or need guidance?
Write Because I Love You Founder Dennis Poncher your questions.
He responds to his mail daily.

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Free Support Group Meetings

"When raising children," Dennis says, "pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional." B.I.L.Y. meetings are a place to talk with other parents who listen without judgment or blame. There are no membership requirements or dues, and we are open to the public. Find a Parent Support Group or Youth Support Group location near you.

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